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of the accused spies who lived in russia but worked for the u.s. government -- their roles are being debated right now, but they are here now on american soil and ending a significant chapter in espionage. on the tarmac in vienna, austria, cameras captured a true spy swap. the russian plane on the left and the u.s. on the right and both taking off. \ russian tv. the arrivals live. three men accused of spying for the u.s. and one headed for london. they include a researcher, two former russian military members and a kgb officers. prosecutors say this does not mean a message has not been sent. >> if you come to america to spy on americans, he will be arrested. >> as for their children born here, all are either in russia or on the way. some of the accused still proclaim their innocence, like the new york on trip nor threw her attorney. -- new york entrepreneur. >> she always was a businesswoman. >> what is amazing is that all of this has happened in less than two weeks, perhaps because the u.s. had been planning for it. white house officials say the u.s. had been considering a spy swap as early
. coming up next on abc 7 news, did the u.s. enter in a deal with russia? coming up. >> showers are in the >> tghe nation's second in command says the u.s. got the better end of the deal with the spy plane deal with russian. in the deal, 10 spies sent back to russia after beniing detained for conspiracy charges in return for 4 u.s. spies. >> let me ask you -- do we have any spies that hot? [laughter] it doesn't matter if they get sent back. >> they were sent back from an airport tarmac in vienna. yesterday was mr. biden's first appearance on leno since becoming vice-president. the haitian earthquake's aftermath -- rebuilding has been slow, and the country's medical system is shattered. on a lighter note, let's talk about the weather. we have some rain, which we needed, and relief along with it. >> temperatures only in the 80's for a high today. [laughter] >> that is good. >> let's see what it looks like. look at the gray, look at the rain. off-and-on showers, not as heavy in some locations. late afternoon and early evening hours are rather clear. here is a look at live super dop
of cheating have turned up. >>> coming up, two u.s. troops disappear in afghanistan. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. the woman escaped a brush with death after falling on to train tracks. and a music festival turns deadly. what triggered this stampede? >>> at least 17 people died, 80 were injured at a stampede at a music festival in germany. they were crushed inside of a tunnel at the festival. the panic started when the police tried to stop thousands of people from trying to enter the parade grounds that were packed with hundreds of others. emergency workers had trouble getting to the victims because of the crowds. initially, the concert continued with partygoers on aware of the deadly panic. >>> two u.s. troops are missing in afghanistan. it released a statement the service members left the compound yesterday and did not return. also, five u.s. soldiers died in bombings in the south today, where international forces are stepping up the fight against the insurgents. a photographer embedded in an outpost filled the fire fight with the taliban. >>> north korea says it will respond if the u.s
released. >> the u.s. justice department is taking steps to stop arizona's controversial immigration law. it made steps to block the law before it goes into effect. it could have a broad effect on state bets rights. >> according to the lawsuit filed by the department of justice, the controversial arizona immigration law violates the supremacy clause in the constitution. the federal government claims arizona and its governor have overstepped their bounds with this new law. >> congress cannot delegate that authority to the states. the state cannot take that authority on to themselves. >> the law is considered the toughest in the nation on immigration and gives the police the power to question and potentially arrest anyone they believe to be in the country illegally. >> we need state leaders that focus on state issues of stop focusing on federal issues. >> arizona state leaders see the law as a step toward fixing immigration which they say is out of control. they believe the federal government is doing enough to secure the border. >> i invite the president to come to the border ready can se
three guns, 100 rounds of ammunition, and a knife. to>>> nuclear scientist who defected to the u.s. returned to iran to a hero's welcome. he said he was tortured by the cia, but the u.s. said he was an informant who was paid millions of dollars. the money is now frozen. meanwhile, iran said there will be no swap for the three american hikers that were captured a year ago. the three are accused of spying on iran. >>> a developing story a faulty the controversy all immigration law and arizona. a federal judge heard testimony in the first lawsuit of a phoenix police officer, saying officers don't have the time or resources to enforce that law. the number of states including virginia support arizona in this. next week the federal government will try to block the law is saying that immigration is a federal responsibility. it is set to go into effect at the end of the month. >>> with the support of just three republicans, the senate passed financial reform bill today, meaning a crackdown on wall street, but what will it mean for you? >> before the president has signed the bill into law,
downtown. festivities begin sunday at 10:00 a.m. u.s. capitol grounds open at 3:00 p.m. the smithsonian metro station will be closed all day, but it will open from 10:00 p.m. until midnight. for a list of what you can and cannot bring to the national mall, visit our web site wjla.com. >> the new figures show that the job market is having trouble gaining traction. employment fell for the first time this year. president barack obama still says we are on the right track. >> the highways may be much more crowded as for the dalai weekend. aaa expects holiday traffic -- crowded for the holiday weekend. aaa expects holiday traffic to be up for the first time in years. but a new jobs report may rain on the parade. the latest shows an end to five straight months of gains. the dow jones industrials were down for a seventh straight day. census jobs have ended. obama is proposing a new recovery act project that would provide better broadband access across the country. >> it would create thousands of jobs. >> analysts say those jobs won't make much of a dent. they say it is up to the private sector
! the eldercare locator is a free public service of the u.s. administration on aging. >>> search teams have called off every commission at a collapsed parking garage in hackensack, new jersey. they have determined nobody was trapped when it collapsed yesterday. >> i am happy to report that after all of our rescue efforts up to this point, including the vehicles we expected had victims, we have not found any at this point. >> the parking garage was attached to a high-rise condo building and may be up to a week before people are allowed to return to the condo as they tried to determine if the condo is safe. >>> 9 people went to the hospital today in kansas, one shot critically injured in the school bus crash. it was returning from a camp when it rolled off the highway. no other vehicles were involved in the accident. >>> up next, is there a break from the heat? meteorologist steve rudin has the latest. and flames engulfed a port after an oil pipeline explodes. meet pnc virtual wallet. it comes with a calendar that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and
,000 u.s. combat troops will remain in iraq. >>> another prominent conservative once michael steele to resign as national committee chairman. he is coming under fire for comment about afghanistan. liz cheney called the remarks deeply disappointing and wrong. at a fund-raiser in connecticut thursday, the former maryland lt. governor called the war in afghanistan "a war of obama's choosing." and suggested it might be unwinnable. >>> coming up, passengers forced to evacuate a boat after it runs aground. plus efforts to clean up in the gulf of mexico. and a final tribute to fallen heroes. >> for information on services for oldeadults, the eldercare locator can help! >> i havlived in my house for 40 years and want to stay in my community. having someone help me with transportation makes that possible. >> the eldercare locator can put you in touch with loc resources to help older persons find home and mmunity based services. call 1.800.677.1116 or visit eldercare.gov today! the eldercare locator is a free public service of the u.s. administration on aging. >>> the man accused of killing
firing of nine u.s. attorneys. it's centered on whether they were fired as a way to influence investigations in criminal cases. they said the bush administration did something that was not politically appropriate but was not criminal. >>> the tea party caucus made up of 24 members of congress held their first press conference today to explain their goals. >> we represent mainstream american people who have decided to get off the couch because they want to take the country back. >> i want to tell america we are not terrorists or racists. we care about our country and a future for our children and grandchildren. >> the group says they are formed to fight high taxes, stop government overspending, and follow the ideals of the founding fathers. >>> president obama has signed the most sweeping financial overhaul since the 1930's. the financial reform bill creates a new agency to protect consumer finances and gives the government the power to break up companies that threaten the nation's economy. the reform comes two years after the country's financial meltdown. >>> an aircraft was f
passed a bill only interstate 295 and u.s. 90 have a 70 mile per hour speed limit. i guess the only reason to go that fast is to get a breeze. >> it is hot out there. wait until tomorrow and wednesday. hardly anyone is out there. we will look for slightly cooler temperatures, but we have to wait until the upcoming weekend. pennsylvania avenue looks quiet and no rain on site. three stops for you -- 3 stops today. 82 degrees out in big meadows. if he made it to the beach, it was a nice day. the beach forecast for tomorrow, not 90 around ocean city. water temperature is just a tiny bit warmer. 99 degrees will go down in the books at reagan national airport. 100 degrees is the daytime high. no records are broken, but by wednesday we could be setting records. 96 in leesburg, 94 in gaithersburg. 994 hagerstown. the -- 99 for hagerstown. the cold front of the west of us, 73 in minneapolis. this cold front will eventually make its way towards the east. high pressure just off the coast and will continue to pump in the heat and humidity. a heat advisory will go into effect for the district al
month for u.s. troops in afghanistan. sixth troops died in roadside bomb attacks this week and. -- six troops died in a roadside bomb attacks this weekend. >>> bob dudley says cutting back is good news. there is less oil to deal with. d.j. white will explain that it is too soon. >> even though there is less oil to clean up, it is a source of tension. >> it is not too soon for a scaled-back approach. >> they are laying off 16,000 workers. some say it is too soon. >> yesterday, there was a flight where no oil was seen. they must have bobbed and weaved around the oil. there is oil all over. >> there is evidence that the under water plumes of oil are no more. the bacteria have been eating the oil at an extremely rapid rate. commercial fishing has reopened in a huge area east of the mississippi. it is a mixed blessing. many fishermen have made $1,500 per day working for bp. >> people will be out of money, out of jobs. >> bp had hoped to start the static kill as early as sunday, but tropical storm bonnie's publications have pushed it back to tuesday. -- complications have caused it to be pus
during his first term as governor. she is currently director of special projects at the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> a real taste of history at mount vernon. george washington's whiskey is now available. >> it is going to be a hot weekend. we will tell you how high the temperatures will go. >> tiger woods is struggling on the course. what is washington without a debate? actually, the debate is nationwide. does stephen strasburg cockledoodledooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit verizon.com/fios. a
for prisoners the u.s. once freed. some of the people were scheduled for a hearing >> the holston was canceled, and then we got this, in order for them to be transferred to new york, but many think there may not be a new trial. instead, there could be a spy swap. just minutes before the accused russian spies were to appear, this indictment further outline their alleged activities. a couple allegedly engaged in all sorts of cloak and dagger spite tactics, like digging up money from secret locations, and that mikhail semenko was getting information back to moscow, but then there were high-level talks about a possible spy swap. >> the russian ambassador was talking about it this morning. anything to do with a possible spy swap? >> i have not been briefed on that conversation. >> while the white was denied any allegations of a deal being made, but there was a news conference. his attorney claimed that her client, a russian nuclear researcher convicted years ago of spying for america, will be freed along with others in exchange for members of this group. his family has indicated it could happen as
to moscow. the u.s. spies have been accused of spying for the cia or the british. we should have them relatively soon as well, expected within 72 hours. very interesting, all of this being denied. these documents proving it in the past half hour. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >>> norway police have broken up an al qaeda plot, one day after american prosecutors charged five men with a plot to bomb a new york city subway last year. the head of the norway police security service said they were going to make peroxide bomb similar to the al qaeda plot. it did leave the norway plan was organized by the same man who was a mastermind of the thwarted attack here. >>> breaking news from new york, where a large apartment is on fire. the flames are out and the smoke looks to be contained at the roof of the building. firefighters are on the roof of the building next door trying to put out the fire. the surrounding streets are shut down. no word on if anyone was inside. >>> we did not reach 100 degrees today, but it still felt like triple digits. john gonzalez is live in georgetown with how people are
night and have now lost three straight. he wants his club to get out of the slump. u.s. to get them hitting again. >> you have to wait this out, really. -- he wants to get them hitting again. >> you need to try to get them winning some other way. if you could pitch your way, the fan your way to a when until you break down. >> the big story in baseball today is the chicago cubs' manager, lou pellett, saying he will retire. -- lou panella. he is 66-years old and he is going fishing. >>> the texas rangers theknippert took a pitch to the head. the liner hit him right above the year. act exam was negative. he will get a few days off. he escapes serious industry and will be -- serious injury and will be ok. >>> 38-year-old lance armstrong will not win the tour de france. he tried to get that last hurrahs today on day 16. lance armstrong orchestrated a breakaway and gained seven minutes on the leaders. it was his last shot at the big race. he did not win the stage, but he was the headliner today in france. >>> there is a company that evaluates the most popular athletes. tiger is no longer
at a for a complex. the rifle and ammunition were in the trunk. police are investigating. >> she left the u.s. and now the bombshell russian spy is losing something important from the uk. >> the yankees and baseball fans say goodbye to the boss of baseball. the legacy of joint -- a legacy of george steinbrenner is coming up. >> and wallace out >> of breaking news of the space flight center where a hazardous materials incident has been reported. a chemical spill has forced the evacuation of building 22. we will bring you new information as soon as a becomes available. a 12th person has been detained in the russian spy ring investigation. a 23-year-old russian system -- russian citizen is expected to be deported soon. meanwhile, the british government has revoked the citizenship of an at chapman. she held dual citizenship of britain and russia and was among the people who pled guilty last week in new york. >> officials and you gotta say the attacks could have been deadlier. they found an unexploded suicide bomber best in the building. four people were arrested in connection with today's discove
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